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 Here you will find examples of my work in the painting portfolio page. You can also read more about my story and inspiration. If you would like to collaborate on a project, or commission a piece, you can connect with me at

Originals currently for sale can be found on the viewing room page, together with information on how to obtain prints of my work. Some of my work on exhibition can been seen on the current exhibition page For more information, please see the contact page. 

Martha Kumari Meagher - Monsoon Marigold
Martha Kumari Meagher - Studio England 2019

​​​​​​  Layered, glittery, and poetic.

 Raw, and instinctive.

 Guided by grace and vision;

  heartbreak and gratitude.

  This is my art -

  a fiery spirit allowed to run free. 


  Some of the paintings soon on display at Posterity Gallery

Martha Kumari Meagher is the featured artist at the

        Posterity Gallery

at      Kercheval

in the   Village,

             Grosse Pointe

(next to Starbucks)

   Coming Soon.

Martha Kumari Meagher - Love Above All

Monsoon Marigold

 (acrylic on canvas, 48" W x 60" H)

Love Above All  (mixed media on canvas, -sold)

 Art has been my passport to the world. As you browse these pages I hope to lead you on an exploration of more than color, shapes, and form. You'll find embedded in these works passion, playfulness and love.