My immersive travels have taken me to 
     almost twenty countries. Art is my bridge
     to connecting with people, a way of sharing
     my enthusiasm for being able to be a 
     part of this contemporary landscape again. 
     Living in isolated areas, or going to 
     places where I was unknown so as to be 
     without interruption, allowed the art
     process to begin making itself.  
     Influenced by materials, colours,
     and the environment around me, I am
     constantly experimenting.


​   Seeing the world...




​Fine Art


        Born and raised in Wyandotte and
    Grosse Pointe, Michigan, USA. I  completed
    a BA (hons) from Kalamazoo College, and,
    after regaining my sight, studied painting,
    printmaking, and drawing at University of 
    California, Santa Cruz. Sculpture and 
    painting at San Jose State University,  California. 


        I have worked with the Zen Master and
     landscape painter Hiroshi Tagami in Hawaii,
     and stone and wood sculptor JJJannu in
     Taiwan, Macau, and China. 


         ​ At the age of 24, while volunteering
      in the Peace Corps in Africa, I lost
      my sight due to an eye infection. 
      Returning to the United States,
      doctors told me I would be blind for life.
       Moving to a ranch in northern Arizona, I
      walked in the forests every day, and 
      created landscape drawings of what I
      'saw' with my other senses. My studio 
      practice included setting up still life 
      objects that I would draw by touch. 
      For 16 months this was my experience of life. 

        Then, a miracle happened. I regained my full
      sight at a church service. From that day 
      on, I dedicated and committed myself to 
      expressing my vision of life, which I now
      share with you through these paintings,
      drawings, and collage.