​Fine Art

Martha Kumari Meagher - Rainbows Edge
Martha Kumari Meagher - Dolphin Joy
Martha Kumari Meagher - Cabbages and Kings
Martha Kumari Meagher - Giant Bamboo
Martha Kumari Meagher - From Above
Martha Kumari Meagher - Detroit Skyline

Peaceful Dragon

acrylic/canvas 60" W x 48" H

  A dragon seen in a cloud was the inspiration for this piece. Painted under the open sky. Freedom, grace, and strength are words I would use for this large painting.

Martha Kumari Meagher - Eternal Love
Martha Kumari Meagher - Joining Hearts
Martha Kumari Meagher - Willing
Martha Kumari Meagher - Open Sky
Martha Kumari Meagher - Peaceful Dragon

Modern, Contemporary, and Happy - these are selected pieces from some of my collections.

Martha Kumari Meagher - Detroit Evening
Martha Kumari Meagher - Radiant Heart

Behind Coral

oil pastel,acrylic/paper 10" W x 10" H

    I was looking for a dolphin, and from this obsession came the collection titled 'Dolphins Hiding'.

Rainbow's Edge

 acrylic/canvas 62" W x 26" H

   Three piece painting on thickly textured gesso. A playful landscape of colorful possibilities and open exploration.      

Open Sky

acrylic/canvas 60" W x 24" H

   Blue skies make me want to sing the song which has the words pink sands and jelly coconuts, take me back to a brighter time....

Love Life

acrylic, mirrors, mixed media/canvas 24" W x 36" H

    A night of passion, followed by sweet thoughts of my beloved, created this layered paint tapestry of orgasmic joy.

Cabbages and Kings

acrylic/canvas 48" W x 72" H

   Inspired by the poem recited by the Walrus in Louis Caroll's book 'Alice through the Looking Glass. One of four pieces.

Martha Kumari Meagher - Behind Coral

Giant Bamboo

acrylic/canvas 48" W x 60" H

   Large scale painting done in a Zen style. 

From Above

acrylic/canvas 72" W x 36" H

​​  Three piece painting of depth and surface shimmer. An aerial view of the nature of perception.

Martha Kumari Meagher - Love Life

Radiant Heart

Ink, spray paint, acrylic/plexiglass 48" W x 48" H

 Painted on the back of glass so that the front reflects the passing and changing light. 

Dolphin Joy

oil pastel,hand made paper/paper 10" W x 10" H

   Inspired by the Portuguese tiles used in the traditional homes, I chose an intricate and intimate format for the series. Made from paper handmade in India, and oil pastels readily available to the local schoolchildren, this drawing carries the vibrant energy and dreamy feel of a tropical sojourn.

Love Eternal

acrylic/canvas 36" W x 24" H

       A painting with elements of collage.

Detroit Evening

acrylic/canvas 36" W x 24" H

  As a seventh generation Detroiter, this painting is as layered as my history with the city.

Detroit Skyline

mixed media/canvas 48" W x 36" H

  The Ambassador Bridge, a car grill, and a construction fence create an abstracted impression of the Detroit skyline.

Cosmic Heart

acrylic/canvas 48" W x 36" H

   It's really Tantric.......


oil pastel/paper 10" W x 10" H

   A long journey to the coast of Goa, India inspired this piece. Day after day, walking to the sea, with the hopes of seeing a dolphin.