It was a great pleasure to show my work from the 13th September to the 29th of October at the Charles Schridde Gallery, 15318 East Jefferson, Grosse Pointe, Michigan once again. The current collection comprised selected works from the past four years.  Travels  through different regions are reflected in choice of materials and techniques. I welcome the heart image as a way of reference to my methodology, and as such, the heart image and landscapes take a prominent place. 
Thank you for stopping by this page. To all my friends around the world, wish you were here! 
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Martha Kumari Meagher - Flight
Martha Kumari Meagher - Giant Love


Basket of Fruit

acrylic, pastel, stone, glitter / paper on board

12"W x 12"H (ships from the USA)

 Fruit and summer delights inspired this playful painting. Working  on this textured paper suggested to me a basket weave. 

Martha Kumari Meagher - Basket of Fruit
Martha Kumari Meagher - Today Land

Reflections of Self 

 acrylic, paper, stone, glitter / paper on board

12"W x 12"H (ships from the USA)

 In this collage, a decorative mirror from India rests in a pile of amethyst, prized for its ability to activate the intuition, while the crescent moon lends light to the scene.

Fruit Market

 acrylic, pastel / paper on board

12"W x 12"H (ships from the USA)

 It’s the sights, sounds, and fragrances of outdoor markets in Asia that transport me to wonderful imaginings. Here I have blended a landscape feel with the fruit shapes to play with perspective. 

Edge of Understanding

acrylic, pastel, stone / paper on board

12"W x 12"H (ships from the USA)

 A luscious painting/ drawing/ collage developed with the idea of the intersection of love and understanding. 

Martha Kumari Meagher - Heart Flower Moon




Fine Art

Martha Kumari Meagher - Fruit Market

Giant Love

acrylic, spray Paint  / canvas

42"W x 48"H (ships from the USA)

 Giant love is more of a happening than a thing. Inspired by people who take care of each other and in doing so, inspire others to love in a big way. 

Martha Kumari Meagher - Udaipur
Martha Kumari Meagher - Angel Light


acrylic, stone, glass, glitter / canvas

12"W x 12"H (ships from the USA)

 Flights of fancy or flights over sparkling seas. Inspired by the handiwork of Indian artisans and the sophistication of modernist masters.

Martha Kumari Meagher - Edge of Understanding




Martha Kumari Meagher - Reflections of Self



acrylic, semiprecious stones, mirrors / canvas

12"W x 12"H (ships from the USA)

 The vibrant hues of Rajasthan inspired this piece, which is dotted with mirrors and semiprecious stones, like the palace decorations in the region.

Angel Light

acrylic, stone, glitter, mirror / canvas

12"W x 12" H (ships from the USA)

 Visits to the palaces of Rajasthan and a study of the miniature jewelled art of the region were the inspiration for this work. Natural crystals, semi precious stones, and mirror are layered in this small homage to abstract expressionism.

Heart Flower Moon

acrylic, pastel, gesso, stone / paper on board

12"W x 12"H (ships from USA)

 A happy landscape in a magical garden on textured paper. A few semiprecious stones scattered to play with texture further, and invite the viewer to step inside and play. 

Today Land

acrylic, ink, stone, mirror, glass / canvas

12"W x 12"H (ships from the USA)

 A poem in a colourful form. Parrots and mangoes and the deepening night blue of a desert oasis in Rajasthan are captured in this abstracted landscape.