Martha Kumari Meagher - Last Love Standing

Love All the Way Home

acrylic, ink, gesso, glitter / canvas 23.5" W x 16" H

(ships from the UK)

  As a nomadic artist, home is an amorphous landscape. It is the whole earth, and I often feel my part is to connect with hearts in certain places. These connections become my home. I wish for all peoples of the earth to feel they are part of a loving family wherever they are.
I love to use fluid paints while working, and appreciate the gritty texture of gesso used as a painting medium. From my years in India, where glitter is sold by the kilo, I like to use it to describe the sparkly way I see the world

The Fruits of Meditation
acrylic, spray paint, enamel, glitter / canvas
40"W x 30"H (ships from the USA)

  Worlds upon worlds; this painting describes for me the mind opening effects of slowing down. 

Martha Kumari Meagher - At Rest in Love
Martha Kumari Meagher - Window that opens from Heart to Heart


Martha Kumari Meagher - Hearts Flowering

Love Joy Wisdom

acrylic, ink, gesso, glitter / canvas 12" W x 12" H

(ships from the UK)

  I used the word wisdom to point to the connection between our experience of life and our attitude towards it. Love and joy sparkle and weave through everyday life if we are wise enough to see them.





​Fine Art


Martha Kumari Meagher - Fruits of Meditation
Martha Kumari Meagher - Dolphin Love


Martha Kumari Meagher - Teal Leaves



Martha Kumari Meagher - Love is in the Air


Martha Kumari Meagher - Love All the Way Home
Martha Kumari Meagher - Hearts Going Where Needed

Love is in the Air
acrylic, spray pain, glass, glitter / canvas
24"W x 20"H (ships from the USA)

  Travelling is more fun for me when I remember I travel with love, and I meet love at every turn. 

Energy of Creation
acrylic, stone, glass, feather / canvas
12"W x 12"H (ships from the USA)

 Celebrating the earth and all that comes from it. Inspired by the thought of all things creative and the coming together of seemingly random acts which we later see are flawlessly choreographed.


Window that Opens from Heart to Heart

oil. found objects, spray paint / canvas
30"W x 40"H (ships from the USA)

 This  is the second painting inspired by romance. Poetic, dreamy, bold, and exploratory it touches the most powerful yearnings within us.


Martha Kumari Meagher - Love Joy Wisdom

Friends and Peace

acrylic, ink, gesso, glitter / canvas 20" W x 20"H

(ships from the UK)

​A peaceful day in the garden with friends inspired this playful piece. The bright colours and happy hearts feel uplifting and serene at the same time.

Golden Blue View
acrylic, gesso, glitter / canvas
24"W x 24"H (ships from the USA)

 This painting was inspired by the idea that even the blues have a beautiful golden light if I take my time and feel into the blues. 

Martha Kumari Meagher - Long Live Love



Joy Dance
acrylic, gesso, stone / canvas
12"W x 12"H (ships from the USA)

 A celebration of life, this painting is embedded with Lapis Lazuli for courage and Rose Quartz for love. The mirrors are found on traditional dresses in North India. To me, the mirrors signify an opportunity for self reflection.

Stronger Than Gravity

​acrylic, ink /canvas  12" W x 12" H   (ships from the UK)

  ​​Joyful feelings and overflowing love towards existence and all its parts brought me to think only of hearts ! The world can be seen as a mess, and there seems to be only one way out and up. Love ! Re-purposed canvas from a charity shop, paint from the garage and love from life.


Martha Kumari Meagher - Friends and Peace


Martha Kumari Meagher - Joy Dance

  In the tradition of the 'Back Room' at a gallery, we have created the Viewing Room. Here you will find original paintings that have been released for sale and information on how to obtain prints of my work.

Martha Kumari Meagher - Far to Near

How to buy.

  Prints can be ordered directly from saatchiart.com . Look under the artist name Martha Kumari Meagher. Saatchiart offer a very good quality of prints on paper or canvas. A larger selection of my work, available for prints, can also be found there.

  Originals can be purchased directly using bank to bank transfer ( transferwise.com is a cost effective way of doing this ).

  Please email me at marthakumariart@gmail.com  for full information and bank details. Prices are inclusive of packing or crating. Postage or shipping costs are extra and vary according to where the paintings are to be sent.


Dolphin Love

acrylic, ink, gesso, glitter /canvas 19"W x 19"H

(ships from the UK)

  I finally met the dolphins off the coast of India. I swam very far out to sea and a pod of dolphins came to meet me. There was an amazing feeling of peace and calm within me, despite the churning of the sea. I had to use hearts to express this joy.

Martha Kumari Meagher - Stronger Than Gravity


Martha Kumari Meagher - Golden Blue View


Martha Kumari Meagher - Kumari with Drawings
Martha Kumari Meagher - End and the Beginning
Meartha Kumari Meagher - Feather Splash

Hearts Flowering

acrylic, ink, gesso, glitter / canvas 24" W x 24"H

(ships from the UK)

  Watching the late blooms in the garden flower made me think of hearts also flowering. The garden is made entirely with perennials, and I like that they get to flower year after year and many of them flower a few times during the year. It's a beautiful process to watch.

Martha Kumari Meagher - Energy of Creation



Harmony in Evolution

acrylic, ink, gesso, glitter / canvas 10.5" W x 23.5 H

(ships from the UK)

​ The title may sound a bit preachy, and I accept my own bias. The reasons behind this series of hearts are twofold. One, to do my part to spread love and embody love, and the second, to illustrate a belief that if we choose to live in harmony, we can make our experience of the world a little more fun. .

Martha Kumari Meagher - Sometimes Love is Like a Watermelon

Making final touches to the York series

Far to Near
acrylic, Glitter, Spray Paint / canvas
24"W x 20"H (ships from the USA)

 The blue sky and the playful prisms in the garden air inspired this piece. Oh, and love. 

Last Love Standing

acrylic, ink, gesso, glitter / canvas 10.5 W x 23.5 H

(ships from the UK)

  In the end, love is always the winner. Stay with love in every circumstance, because love always stays with you.


Sometimes Love is Like a Watermelon

acrylic, ink, gesso, glitter / canvas  10.5 W x 23.5 H

(ships from the UK)

  The red heart of a watermelon is the sweetest part. All the seeds also can be found there. At first, seeds seem to be a bad thing, yet, upon reflection, they are necessary for growth of the new life. Simple!

Teal Leaves
acrylic, gesso, spray paint, glitter / canvas
24"W x 20"H (ships from the USA)

 The title is a little light hearted take on tea leaves. The painting has a few scattered mirrors and a bit of glitter to  hint at joy and ligh

Hearts Going Where Needed

acrlic, ink, gesso, glitter / canvas 24" W x 24" H

(ships from the UK)

  Travelling to visit my family inspired this painting. Travelling to fill our hearts up, and travelling to fill others hearts. Eventually it is all the same. I imagine when I am on an air plane that there are all these beautiful hearts (people) flying to where they are needed.

End and the Beginning

acrylic, ink, gesso, glitter / canvas 12" W x 12" H

(ships from the UK)

​ There is, was, and always will be a place for love and a space for love. Love brings us home... In the end it brings us to the beginning.

Feather Splash
acrylic, spray paint, gesso, glitter / canvas
24"W x 24"H (ships from the USA)

Painting from the heart is pure joy for me. This quiet piece is inspired by the sense of calm I get when a soft rain splashes. 

At Rest in Love
acrylic, gesso, stone / canvas  
12"W x 12" H (ships from the USA)

 Peace and opportunity to grow in grace. Carnelian and quartz add power to the piece, while bits of onyx ground it into reality.

Long Live Love

acrylic, ink, marker, gesso / canvas 20" W x 20" H

(ships from the UK)

  Experiencing the healing powers of love brought to mind this title. Love really seems to be the healer of healers.

Martha Kumari Meagher - Harmony in Evolution